Serra Quintana

The Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Moda de Catalunya, has promoted this project though Artesania Catalunya, the artisans and the Tow Council. The aim is to stimulate the activity, and promote this century-old trade and the unique town of Tortellà, wher the activity continues to be an important factor for economic development.                                           

The Oficis Singulars project was created to identify and promote a number of craft trades associated with different points of the Catalan geofraphy.  These trades and the resulting products are closely linked to the places in whitch they are made, and are part of Catalonia's craft heritage. 

Foto: Joaquim Pagès, alcalde de Tortellà, Eudald Casadesus, Delagat del Govern de la Generalitat de Girona, Xavier Villes,. Cap de l'Àrea d'Artesania Catalunya, Eduard Serra    and Ferran Fontas. Ernest Perera, designer, for the Oficis Singular project, with the spoon makers of Tortellà, he developed a series of products which embrace the personal characteristics of each workshop.