Serra Quintana

Wood: Hornbeam

Ingredients for two people

2 eggs
10g of butter
100 g of flour
½ teaspoon of salt
300 cl. of milk
2 spoons of water
100 g. of cooked ham with cheese (savoury) or chocolate.(sweet).


Place the flour into a bowl and mix it with the salt and the two eggs.

Blend in the water and the milk. Use a beater to obtain a consistent cream.

Add melted butter and continue beating until it well mixed.

Leave to stand for 2 hours.

Heat a non-stick frying pan at a medium to low temperature and add a thin coating of butter with the spatula, and add the pancake mix, one tablespoon per pancake. Take the pancake rake and spread the mix quickly across the bottom of the frying pan. Once cooked, turn the pancake using the pancake spatula and cook on the other side.

Cut the cooked ham and the cheese into small chunks on the chopping board or stir in melted chocolate with the stirrer.

Add your favourite ingredients to the pancake and wrap them up like a tube.

Place the pancake on the plate and it is now ready to serve.