Serra Quintana



  We use HORNBEAM as a top quality, hard, non porous wood and with advantage that does not darken after cleaning. Dried artificially to 12% moisture content to ensure that no warping takes place. This process is carried out with steam driers whise heat is obtained from left over wood, so achieving notable energy savings while helping to save the environment.


   All our boards,facts of ASH, are impregnated with Vaseline oil, which is apt for use with food. This oil also acts as a protective layer and brings out the natural beauty of the wood.

  According to investigations carried out by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, by Professor Dean O. Cliver, wooden boards are the most hygienic and the best for our health.
The explanation is that wooden boards still contain antibacterial chemical substances which normally help to fight off infections in living trees.
  Those bacteria which remain on the porous surface of the wood are absorbed and attacked by these substances.
Plastic, on the other hand has none of these protective substances, and unlike wood, it acts as an excellent cultivation base for such bacteria.

Caring for your chopping board:
  The most of our items are suitable for dishwasher use; however for longer-lasting durability and conservation, we recommend washing them after use in warm water with a normal detergent under the tap, and drying them with a tea towel